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The Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs) are MATLAB®/Simulink® models for the real-time simulation of standard automotive applications like powertrains, electrical systems, and vehicle dynamics. The program offers these industry-proven simulation solutions to universities for use in teaching. The models are an ideal teaching aid in engineering courses, allowing students to investigate the effects of various configurations directly via simulation.

ASM Features at a Glance

  • Modular Simulink models
  • Graphical parameterization process
  • Easily extendable up to a virtual vehicle (thermodynamic engine simulation, traffic scenarios, brake hydraulics, truck and trailer, …)
  • Real-time-capable on a PC Packages
The program for universities features two packages:

  • Engine
    The properties of combustion engines are represented by a mean value model with crank-angle-based torque generation, a map-based turbocharger, exhaust gas recirculation, dynamic manifold pressure and temperature calculation, plus direct or manifold injection for gasoline and diesel engine simulation. They can be extended by ASM Turbocharger, a physical turbocharger model. The package also includes ModelDesk, the graphical parameterization software.
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    The ASM Vehicle Dynamics model features a nonlinear vehicle multibody system with geometrical or table-based suspension kinematics including elastic compliance. It can be extended by ASM Traffic for simulating the traffic around the ASM vehicle. Sensor simulation is available for developing driver assistance systems such as ACC or Car2Car communication. Another extension is ASM Brake Hydraulics for simulating standard ESP braking systems such as those from Bosch, Continental, or TRW. This package includes the graphical parameterization software ModelDesk, which facilitates the parameterization process, and the 3-D animation software MotionDesk, which visualizes simulations in real time. Program Conditions
The packages are available at attractive university prices under the following conditions:
  • packages are available with network licenses only.
  • The program requires a minimum of 10 licenses.
  • The software is to be used for teaching purposes only. Research work for academic degrees can also be performed with the license.
  • As part of the program, users are requested to provide a report on how the software was used.