FlexRay Features in ControlDesk Next Generation

  • Universal, modular experiment and instrumentation software for ECU development
  • Integrated ECU calibration, measurement and diagnostics access (CCP, XCP, ODX)
  • All major ECU interfaces and protocols supported, including XCP on FlexRay
  • Synchronized data capture across ECUs, RCP and HIL platforms, and bus systems
  • Powerful layouting, measurement and post-processing
ControlDesk® Next Generation, dSPACE's universal experiment software, is the new all-round tool for the entire development and validation process for electronic control units (ECUs). It covers the fields of rapid control prototyping, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, access to vehicle bus systems, ECU calibration and diagnostics, and more. This central experiment software gives users a homogeneous tool environment to work in, reducing the costs of acquisition and maintenance and avoiding errors that arise during tool coupling.
FlexRay Communication with ControlDesk Next Generation
  • The optional ControlDesk Next Generation component “Bus Navigator” lets you handle several types of items for all platforms in a project, for example, settings in the dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package (used for configuring dSPACE systems in FlexRay networks). With the help of the Bus Navigator, you can manipulate signals, frames, and PDUs before transmission, exclude them from being transmitted, etc.
  • For configuring an XCP on FlexRay device, you can select the FlexRay interface and configure XCP and FlexRay features. The configuration parameters are taken from the variable description and the FIBEX file which is referenced in the variable description file. The settings can be changed if necessary.
  • ControlDesk Next Generation supports quick start measurements on ECUs with XCP on FlexRay.
XCP on FlexRay
The Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol (XCP) is the successor to the well established CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP). XCP offers strict separation of the protocol and transport layers and allows implementation on both present and future in-vehicle communication standards. XCP on FlexRay is part of the XCP family and standardized by the Association for Standardisation of Automation- and Measuring Systems (ASAM). XCP is based on a master/slave concept with the ECU as the XCP slave. The FlexRay bus and XCP on FlexRay are gaining in importance in an increasing number of ECU projects.