FlexRay Development


The FlexRay Standard
FlexRay has established itself as a de-facto standard for in-vehicle, time-triggered communication systems. The basic principle of time-triggered systems is that tasks are executed and messages are sent according to a predefined schedule. In FlexRay, activities are aligned to a global time base, whereas in nondeterministic communication protocols such as CAN, they are mainly event-triggered at run time. FlexRay is targeted to support data rates of up to 10Mbit/s with increased flexibility for easy system extension and the dynamic use of bandwidth.

The FlexRay Roadmap at dSPACE
Our product range has been designed in close cooperation with advanced users of the FlexRay protocol. It provides comprehensive FlexRay support, ranging from hardware such as prototyping systems and I/O boards with FlexRay interfaces to software for the real-time simulation of models in FlexRay networks. Development tasks like function prototyping and testing FlexRay ECUs are supported. We will continue our FlexRay activities, creating products that are tailor-made for our systems. To help protect our customers’ investments, we are commited to standards that are future-proof.

Application Areas

  • Developing and optimizing your control designs without manual programming
  • Systematic ECU tests
  • Restbus simulation
  • ECU calibration and measurement

Working with dSPACE Tools
dSPACE hardware systems – from MicroAutoBox II to modular hardware – can be used for various aspects of FlexRay applications. The systems are equipped with slots for IP modules containing a FlexRay communication controller, such as the DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module. The application models are created in MathWorks® MATLAB®/Simulink® in combination with the dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package and executed on the hardware in real time. Model execution and bus access are synchronized. The results can be visualized in an experiment environment such as ControlDesk® Next Generation.


  • Powerful products for designing and testing FlexRay applications
  • Proven automotive development solutions
  • Scalable from small to large development systems
  • Single-source product offering
  • Simple configuration of FlexRay systems
  • Commitment to standards
  • Designed in close cooperation with advanced users of the FlexRay protocol

dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package
RTI Bypass Blockset
FlexRay Features in ControlDesk
DS4505 FlexRay Interface Board
DS1450 Bus FIU Board
MicroAutoBox II
DS2671 Bus Board (SCALEXIO)

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