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DS2601 Signal Measurement Board

HighFlex I/O board for measuring ECU output signals
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Channel bundling to increase current carrying capacity
  • Configurable fuses
  • On-board failure routing unit
  • On-board loads or external loads via 2nd connector
  • Galvanically isolated channels
The DS2601 Signal Measurement Board measures ECU output signals and passes the measurement values to the real-time processing unit as input signals. Signal measurement can be time-triggered or event-triggered. The execution of signal measurement can be voltage- or current-triggered.
I/O Functionality
The DS2601 has 10 flexibly configurable input channels, which can connect analog (analog-digital converter) and also digital (comparator) measurement units to measure the current and voltage. For example, the measurement units can be combined to trigger analog current measurement if a specified voltage is exceeded. The channels are defined and configured in the ConfigurationDesk® software.
The 10 channels on the DS2601 can be connected in parallel. This channel bundling increases the current-carrying capacity up to 80 A (RMS) and has full software support. ConfigurationDesk displays the bundled channels as one single I/O function. The DS2601 supports the use of loads for the ECU. You can either plug substitute loads onto the board itself or connect real loads to the externally accessible load connector via a cable harness.