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Innovative technology for HIL simulation

SCALEXIO, the main dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator, is available from small to large systems while providing very high processing power. It is configured entirely by software, which makes adapting to changing requirements flexible and easy. SCALEXIO can be coupled with other dSPACE HIL systems, such as Simulator Full-Size and Simulator Mid-Size, offering an easy way to update existing HIL systems.


    The new SCALEXIO LabBox offers slots for up to 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards, making it the smallest dSPACE simulator to date. Together with the SCALEXIO Processing Unit as a computation node, it provides users with their own desktop HIL simulator.

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  • Test for Electric Motors

    For testing ECUs for electric motors, which require short simulation cycles, fast calculations and quick I/O access, SCALEXIO offers the DS2655 FPGA Base Board with a freely programmable FPGA and a high level of I/O.

    Used in combination with the XSG Electric Components Library, the DS2655 provides the fast reaction times required for simulating electrical machines in closed-loop operation with a controller.

    The FPGA computes parts of the simulation model for the electrical machine, e.g., from the XSG Electric Components Library.

    You can also connect electronic load modules to the SCALEXIO system for different voltage ranges up to 800 V.


  • New Processing Unit for Complex Model Computation

    dSPACE has introduced a new, more powerful processing unit for its SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system to address the growing need for more real-time computation capability, which is required for highly complex and high-fidelity simulation models.

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  • Flexible function tests

    A small, variable, custom hardware-in-the-loop simulator would be ideal to quickly test a new function or controller. This is exactly what the new SCALEXIO LabBox from dSPACE offers.

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  • Success in Action

    Launched two years ago, the SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems from dSPACE have already proven their value in numerous customer projects. They are now being used across the globe, in countries such as China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the USA.

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  • Five years of SCALEXIO – Looking back and to the future

    In 2011, SCALEXIO was introduced as the new dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system. Tino Schulze, responsible for HIL test systems at dSPACE explains the past development and the plans for the future.

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Application Area

dSPACE SCALEXIO is a very versatile hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator that provides highly flexible channels, can be extended to any required size and is completely software-configurable. Its application range covers all test domains, including the test of electronic control units (ECU) of electric drives.

Thanks to the SCALEXIO multiprocessing feature, the simulator can be coupled with existing SCALEXIO-based or DS100x-processor-board-based systems, allowing users to expand their existing test setups to meet growing project needs.

Key Benefits

  • Support of different workflows and user roles by separating I/O configuration, modeling and code generation
  • Test of different ECU variants and types on a single system with minimal configuration effort
  • Easily resizable to fit specific test tasks because component test systems and network systems are both built with the same standardized hardware components and connections
  • Graphical configuration of channels
  • Use of virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) for HIL tests if the real ECU prototype is not available yet
  • Support of Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) 

The SCALEXIO system is standardized and can be reused in all SCALEXIO system variations.

  • The core of a SCALEXIO system, the SCALEXIO Processing Unit, is based on commercially available components so that the processing technology is always up-to-date.
  • IOCNET, the scalable serial I/O network, provides the internal communication between the real-time processor and the I/O boards.

The SCALEXIO I/O units are specifically designed for typical ECU signals and offer:

  • Local signal preprocessing on I/O boards to relieve the load on the real-time processor
  • Integrated signal conditioning, as well as converters and parts of the electrical failure simulation
  • Similar installation and configuration processes for all units, so very little time is spent on learning

The SCALEXIO I/O hardware comprises three hardware types, each specially designed for typical application needs. MultiCompact, HighFlex and SCALEXIO I/O hardware can be combined and extended to produce whatever system configuration you want. They have the following in common:

  • Local signal preprocessing on I/O boards to relieve the load on the real-time processor
  • Connection to the processing unit via an IOCNET interface
  • Completely software-configurable
  • Similar installation and configuration processes, so very little time is spent on learning


  • Large number of I/O channels for specific applications
  • Each channel has a fixed channel type, so the costs per channel are low.
  • Integrated signal conditioning and converters
  • Onboard Failure Insertion Unit (FIU)
  • Connection of real and substitute loads is possible.
  • DS2680 I/O Unit
    • Compact design for installation in a unit carrier
    • Basic functions for a fully adequate simulation system, such as power switch
    • Various channels with dedicated I/O functions
  • DS2690 Digital I/O Board
    • Standardized connector for slot independence and easy assembly
    • Digital channels with dedicated I/O functions


  • Universal input/output/bus channels with freely assignable channel types
  • Very versatile and finely scalable with 10 channels per I/O board, 4 channels per bus board
  • Each channel is individually galvanically isolated.
  • Integrated signal conditioning and converters
  • Onboard Failure Insertion Unit (FIU)
  • Connection of real and substitute loads is possible.
  • Standardized connector concept for all boards
  • Boards are slot-independent and easy to assemble.
  • DS2601 Signal Measurement Board
  • DS2621 Signal Generation Board
  • DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board
  • DS2671 Bus Board
  • Large number of I/O channels with dedicated channel types
  • Focus on I/O functions without current-related functionality
  • No onboard Failure Insertion Unit (FIU)
  • No connection of real or substitute loads
  • Connection to I/O via Sub-D connector
  • Boards are slot-independent and easy to assemble
  • DS6101 Multi-I/O Board
  • DS6201 Digital I/O Board
  • DS2655 FPGA Base Board


SCALEXIO Processing Unit dSPACE SCALEXIO Processing Unit offers the newest processor technology ConfigurationDesk for SCALEXIO Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware SCALEXIO LabBox Desktop hardware-in-the-loop simulator for developers DS6101 Multi-I/O Board I/O hardware with signal conditioning for automotive systems DS6201 Digital I/O Board SCALEXIO I/O board with 96 bidirectional digital I/O channels DS6301 CAN/LIN Board SCALEXIO I/O board for interfacing simulators with CAN and LIN bus systems DS2655 FPGA Base Board HighFlex board with user-programmable FPGA DS2601 Signal Measurement Board HighFlex I/O board for measuring ECU output signals DS2621 Signal Generation Board HighFlex I/O board for simulating ECU inputs DS2642 FIU & Power Switch Board HighFlex board for power-switching with Failure Insertion Unit DS2671 Bus Board HighFlex board for interfacing to different bus systems DS2680 I/O Unit MultiCompact unit for powertrain and vehicle dynamics scenarios DS2690 Digital I/O Board MultiCompact board for vehicle body scenarios DS2907 Battery Simulation Controller Power supply control for battery simulation SCALEXIO Field Bus Solution SCALEXIO offers interface solution for Profibus and EtherCAT for connecting a SCALEXIO hardware-in-the-loop system to these field bus types SCALEXIO Solutions for Aerospace SCALEXIO offers modules for aerospace applications with ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 or AFDX ControlDesk Next Generation Universal experiment software for electronic control unit (ECU) development MotionDesk 3-D animation of mechanical systems in a virtual world, for example, for visualizing hardware-in-the-loop experiments like ADAS or vehicle dynamics scenarios. Automotive Simulation Models Real-Time Simulation Models for Powertrain, Electric System, Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic AutomationDesk AutomationDesk is a powerful test authoring and automation tool for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing of electronic control units (ECUs).
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