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DS3001/DS3002 Incremental Encoder Interface Boards

Essential for precise position control
  • Up to 6 incremental encoder interface channels
  • Ideal for applications in robotics and drive control
  • 24- or 32-bit position counters
  • Measuring digital or sinusoidal position signals

Key Benefits for DS3001
The DS3001 was designed for position control applications with sensors providing digital phase information. It comprises five parallel input channels, each providing everything needed to connect an incremental encoder and process its output signals: a regulated encoder power supply with sense lines, differential or single-ended inputs for the encoder’s two phase lines, and an index input.

Key Benefits for DS3002
If digital encoder information cannot provide the desired position accuracy, or if you want to employ encoders with fewer lines, sinusoidal position sensor signals can increase accuracy and resolution significantly. The DS3002's six channels capture sinusoidal encoder signals and subdivide them up to 4096 times. Each channel has its own 32-bit position counter that can also be used for digital signals.
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