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DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board

Generating and capturing digital signals

  • Captures digital signals for parameter measurement
  • Generates flexible pulse patterns
  • Comprehensive set of standard applications included
  • Especially useful for automotive applications

Key Benefits
The DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board combines a variety of digital I/O tasks on one board. It provides the functionality you expect from an ordinary digital I/O board plus additional features that help you perform specific control tasks easily. Eight channels can be programmed for either capturing digital signals or generating flexible pulse patterns. 32 additional I/O lines can be used for further digital I/O tasks, for example, to control single input lines (switches, sensors) or output lines (relays, displays).

Application Areas
The DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board is ideally suited to all kinds of hardware-in-the-loop simulations and rapid control prototyping. It captures digital signals for the measurement of parameters such as frequency or phase, and generates digital signals such as PWM pulses to control actuators or simulate sensors. It also performs many digital I/O tasks, for example, controlling switches or displays.
A brief overview of applications:

  • Frequency measurement (F/D)
  • PWM duty cycle measurement
  • Phase shift measurement
  • 1- and 3-phase PWM pulse pattern generation
  • Square-wave signal generation (D/F)
  • Monoflop signal generation