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DS4505 Interface Board

Interface to FlexRay or CAN FD bus

  • Connects dSPACE‘s modular hardware to a FlexRay or a CAN FD bus system via additional interface modules
  • Supports up to 4 interface modules

Application Area
The DS4505 Interface Board allows a dSPACE system with modular hardware to be connected to a FlexRay and/or a CAN FD communication system. It is ideally suited for testing applications with a dSPACE prototyping system or Simulator. The board can carry up to four interface modules.

Key Benefits
There are two additional interface modules for the DS4505 Interface Board: the DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module for connection to FlexRay buses and the DS4342 CAN FD Interface Module for connection to CAN FD buses. The modular structure enables the use of both modules on one DS4505 simultaneously.

FlexRay Basics
FlexRay is a time-triggered communication system for in-vehicle applications with demanding communication needs. It is the standard for deterministic, high-performance automotive communication networks. The basic principle of time-triggered systems is that tasks are executed and messages are sent according to a predefined schedule. In FlexRay, activities are aligned to a global time base, whereas in nondeterministic communication protocols such as CAN, they are mainly event-triggered at run time.

CAN FD Basics
The CAN FD (FD = Flexible Data Rate) protocol was introduced to enhance the classic CAN protocol in terms of data rates and payload data length. With CAN FD, a multiplied data rate allows an average data transmission speed of several Mbit/s and payload lengths of up to 64 bytes (compared to 8 bytes in a classic CAN).