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DS2004 High-Speed A/D Board

Fast and precise A/D board

  • 16 high-speed A/D channels with high accuracy
  • 4 external trigger inputs and extensive trigger functions
  • Single and burst conversion mode

Application Areas
The DS2004's burst mode offers two ways of converting measurement values.

  • Continuous sample mode: When one burst of conversions ends, the next burst starts automatically. The conversion of individual measurement values within a burst is triggered by software, an internal timer, or an external trigger.
  • Triggered sample mode: A burst of conversions can be started by software or a trigger event.

The DS2004's triggered sample mode can be used to record data within a defined window, for example, for angle-synchronous measurements of a combustion engine. Possible applications include cylinder pressure-based control and the measurement of knock signals in an angle window.

Key Benefits
Each of the DS2004's 16 channels has an independent A/D converter with a resolution of 16 bits and differential inputs. The conversion time is 800 ns per channel. The measurement modes plus 4 external trigger inputs and extensive trigger functions enable the conversion of both single measurement values and whole sample bursts. The board buffers up to 16,384 values per channel and then transfers them to the processor board as a burst. This cuts the volume of communication and improves overall system performance.