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USB-to-CAN Converter DCI-CAN1

Robust and compact USB-to-CAN gateway

  • Robust design for in-vehicle use
  • Plug & Play via USB
  • Integrated optoisolation and high-speed transceiver
  • API for easy integration in custom applications

Application Areas

  • Measurement of ECU internal variables, ECU calibration, diagnostics and ECU flash programming via CCP1), XCP2) on CAN, KWP20003) or UDS4) on CAN, for example.
  • Measurement of physical quantities like temperature, pressure, and voltages via CAN-based I/O modules
  • Monitoring the data stream on the CAN bus in ControlDesk® Next Generation
  • Transmitting messages via the CAN bus

Key Benefits
The Controller Area Network (CAN) is an established standard in the automotive industry to exchange data between electronic control units (ECUs). The DCI-CAN1 provides a robust, compact interface to the CAN bus via a Plug & Play USB connection, and features integrated optoisolation and a high-speed transceiver. The DCI-CAN1 is powered directly via USB, so no additional components are necessary to connect to the CAN bus.

1) CAN Calibration Protocol
2) Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol
3) Keyword Protocol 2000
4) Unified Diagnostic Services