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DS830 MultiLink Panel – Connecting Several Components to a Host PC

Connection of several dSPACE systems to one host PC

  • Three variants: For up to 4, 8, and 16 connections
  • Support of ISA, PCMCIA, and PCI host connection

Application Areas
Flexibility is crucial when it comes to extending the topology of your dSPACE system. With the DS830 MultiLink Panel, you have the advanced option of linking up to 16 dSPACE systems to only one host PC. The linked systems might be expansion boxes, AutoBoxes or MicroAutoBoxes. Your benefit: All parts of the dSPACE system are under the supervision of only one host PC.

Only One Slot Needed
To connect the DS830 MultiLink Panel to your host PC, you need only one ISA, PCMCIA or PCI slot. This link features a transfer rate of 100 Mbit/s. Depending on your cable length requirements for the system to be linked, you can establish a connection via a crossed patch cable or fiber-optic cable. To connect the DS830 to the host PC as well as to the dSPACE boxes, you can use any combination of crossed patch cables and fiber-optic cables. For example, you can connect the DS830 to the host PC and an expansion box via a fiber-optic cable, and to a MicroAutoBox via a patch cable.