System Architecture

Graphical Modeling of Software Architectures and Offline Simulation

  • Model-based design at system level
  • Integration of automotive software
  • Offline Simulation of automotive software

Describing Software Architectures Systematically
The complexity of large electronic control unit (ECU) systems is a major challenge for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. When functionalities are developed for one ECU or a network of several ECUs, formal system models facilitate communication between everyone involved.
To meet this challenge, dSPACE has added a system architecture software to its tool chain for developing automotive software: SystemDesk®.
Developers working with SystemDesk can plan, implement, and integrate their complex system architectures and distributed electronic control systems faster than before.


Easy Exchange and Integration of Specifications
An architectural design is not only the internal concern of just one company but often has to be distributed, e. g. among an OEM and suppliers. An OEM may develop an overall system design and want to extract the relevant speci-fications for the suppliers involved. These specifications may comprise software components (SWCs) and their inter-face descriptions.
SystemDesk supports these steps by allowing the import and export of parts of the system design.
This makes sure that each developer involved has the same information about the system and knows the exact requirements for his/her project part. This is crucial for smooth integration into the overall system later on.