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Integration with OSEK/VDX OS

Code generation for all OSEK/VDX-compliant operating systems
  • OSEK operating system objects and services available as blocks
  • Full support of multirate systems
  • Optimized and efficient code, especially for intertask communication
  • OIL file generation

The TargetLink® OSEK Module
OSEK operating system objects and services are available on the block diagram level once the TargetLink OSEK module is installed. For instance, the user is able to set up alarms, define tasks or specify intertask communication without leaving the block diagram.
TargetLink allows to create multirate models containing blocks with different sample times. Multirate systems are mapped to operating system tasks - periodic or event-driven - in a very flexible manner.

This combination of TargetLink and the OSEK/VDX standard offers huge advantages to the user. A whole real-time system can be described in one environment. Control algorithms and operating system objects are specified in one model. Automatic mapping of the model characteristics to operating system objects means there is no more need to learn the OSEK/VDX specification in detail. Consistency checks on user inputs and OSEK-aware automatic code generation prevent common mistakes and shorten the installation and testing phases for ECU software. As a consequence, development time is reduced significantly. Finally yet importantly: the same code is reusable on other OSEK/VDX-compatible operating systems.