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Automatic production code generator

  • High-quality production code generation directly from Simulink®/Stateflow®
  • Built-in simulation and testing
  • AUTOSAR support
  • Certified for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262


Application Area
Model-based design has become the established development method across many industries. And production code generation is the logical step for turning models into efficient, production ready code. TargetLink is a software system that generates production code (C code) straight from the MATLAB®/Simulink/Stateflow graphical development environment. Code generation options range from plain ANSI C code to optimized fixed- or floating-point code for certain processors. Versatile code configuration options ensure that the production code copes with processor constraints.

Key Benefits
Converting graphical models directly into production code ensures perfect consistency between model and code at all times. Since the same model will always result in the same proven code, TargetLink’s code generation is deterministic and thus guarantees the highest software quality. Every step can be tested against the specification via the built-in simulation features. This allows early verification and translates directly into cost reduction, for example, by avoiding expensive ECU software defects.

TargetLink Product Support Center

The TargetLink Product Support Center is the primary online resource for TargetLink developers and provides information about TargetLink releases, compatibility information, application notes, additional utilities, TargetLink Known Problem Reports, etc.

Efficient Coding

Efficiency is the key to production-quality code. Efficient code means that a minimum of execution time and resources is required to run the code on a cost-efficient embedded processor. Code generated by TargetLink is proven to be as efficient as handwritten code. Other factors also make TargetLink such a useful tool: code readability, traceable model/code dependency, and last but not least, the ability to generate optimized code for specific target microcontrollers.

Seamless Tool Chain

TargetLink seamlessly connects function development and code generation for the control unit or prototyping hardware. Moreover, it closes the gap between the design and verification phases by automatic means. This provides transparent and defined development processes for conventional and AUTOSAR ECUs. Calibration files, AUTOSAR software component descriptions, and comprehensive
documentation are generated in addition to the production code.

Success Stories