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Model Compare1)

Comparison of Simulink®, Stateflow®, and TargetLink® models
  • Graphical display of differences
  • Generation of difference reports
  • Built-in support for TargetLink
  • Flexible difference filters
  • Review support
  • Merge support for models
  • Command line interface for tool automation
  • NEW: 32/64-bit MATLAB support
Application Areas
Automatic comparison is a must whenever you work with multiple versions of a model. Model Compare from dSPACE can be used with any TargetLink, MathWorks® Simulink or Stateflow model, and also supports libraries. There is a broad range of use cases for Model Compare, for example:
  • Managing different model versions or model variants
  • Merging parallel development branches
  • Verifying and reviewing model changes
Key Benefits
Model Compare finds all the changes in a model. Even large models can be compared in minutes, which would be practically impossible without tool support. You can use filters to focus on relevant differences and ignore unimportant ones such as layout changes or simulation settings. The support for review sessions also enables reliable, safe, and controlled reviews of model changes. The merge support simplifies the synchronization of changes in different versions of a model.
TargetLink Support
Model Compare has built-in support for all TargetLink blocks and properties. They are displayed and handled like ordinary Simulink/Stateflow elements, so you do not have to bother with TargetLink implementation details. Since the semantics of TargetLink properties are known, they are also intelligently handled by the predefined filter options.
Review Sessions and Merge Support
You can associate review comments to block and property differences found by the tool, including date/author tracing. Complex reviews with multiple participants are supported. Detected changes can be transferred from one model to another. In this way, you can merge parallel development branches or manage different model variants. With easy-to-use commands, merging models this way is much less error-prone than it would be by hand. The remaining differences between the models are constantly kept up-to-date, so that you always see the current state of your work.

1) Limited availability outside of Europe and Asia, please contact dSPACE.