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Using AUTOSAR software components in a MATLAB®/Simulink® environment
  • Using AUTOSAR software components (SWCs)within the familiar MATLAB/Simulink environment
  • Support of PC-based simulation as well as real-time simulation on dSPACE hardware
  • NEW: Protecting intellectual property through object code workflow
  • Command line interface for automation purposes

Application Areas
The RTI AUTOSAR Package is an extension to Real-Time Interface (RTI) with a focus on rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation scenarios. These are some typical appli­cation scenarios for the package:

  • New controller developments with MATLAB/Simulink where existing AUTOSAR software components (SWCs) need to be included 
  • Verifying newly developed AUTOSAR software components on the powerful dSPACE prototyping hardware
  • Evaluating and prototyping third-party AUTOSAR SWCs
  • Using application-level AUTOSAR soft ECUs in test scenarios with dSPACE HIL hardware 

Key Benefits
The RTI AUTOSAR Package allows embedded software developers to integrate existing AUTOSAR software components directly into the MATLAB/Simulink environment and to combine the AUTOSAR software components with standard Simulink and dSPACE RTI blocks in a Simulink model – all without having to leave the familiar MATLAB/Simulink environment. The result: the models which include the imported AUTOSAR software components can be simulated on the PC or executed on dSPACE prototyping and HIL platforms as real-time applications.