3-D online animation of simulated mechanical systems in real time

  • Intuitive graphical scene design
  • 3-D object library with objects in COLLADA format
  • Enhanced support for all aspects of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Powerful rendering engine guarantees detailed and realistic visualization
  • Integrated 3-D Scene Editor


When developing a mechatronic control system such as an advanced driver assistance system, you need to be certain that it performs correctly, for example, by running HIL simulations. The best way to understand the behavior of a simulated system is animated visualization in realistic 3-D scenes. Combining a simulation system with real-time animation is the ideal way to get the whole picture. Since animations can be recorded and replayed, it is easy to compare different controller development strategies by using overlay techniques. MotionDesk supplements the dSPACE tool chain by visualizing the movement of mechanical objects in the 3-D world. MotionDesk is the perfect tool to visualize any kind of vehicle dynamics development and driving maneuvers, such as lane change, μ split, and cornering.

Key Benefits

MotionDesk helps you get more out of your HIL simulator, by visualizing your simulation in virtual worlds that exactly represent the simulation scenarios. MotionDesk reads the data from the HIL Simulator and displays the animation of the moving objects (vehicle, wheels, steering wheel, etc.) in real time, using the perspectives and render modes that you choose yourself, to give you a clear understanding of how the simulated objects actually behave. You can store the animations as experiment files and record video files to document and illustrate your developments.

Support of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

MotionDesk gives enhanced support to all aspects of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), where the complexity of an action has to be seen to be understood. When an ADAS is tested, the visualization must be realistic enough for object recognition, and a high frame rate is crucial.
MotionDesk’s rendering engine guarantees detailed and realistic visualization, and even complex scenes can be rendered at a steady 60 frames per second.

Hand in Hand with ModelDesk

ModelDesk and MotionDesk work together closely in a tool chain. ModelDesk lets you define scenes for the automatic generation of 3-D sceneries in MotionDesk. For example, you can define country roads, tree-lined roads, and urban areas, and completely parameterize them: with a road embankment or border area, tree spacing, reflector posts, street lamps, building types, and so on. Fine adjustments can be done afterwards in MotionDesk and its integrated Scene Editor.