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The Graphical User Interface for Parameterization
ModelDesk is the graphical user interface for intuitive parameterization and parameter set management for the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM). It can parameterize an entire virtual vehicle, or just single components like the drivetrain or chassis. Its Road Generator and Maneuver Editor let you define individual roads and driving maneuvers. Its Traffic Editor is the user interface for very flexible, easy traffic scenario definition.
With ModelDesk you can handle various parameter sets for several models and download them to offline and online simulations. The program supports script-based tool automation via its COM interface. The overall look and feel, basic handling, and workflows are just like those of dSPACE’s other software tools.

Main Features
  • Graphical user interface
  • Parameter set management
  • Road Generator
  • Maneuver Editor
  • Traffic Editor
  • Graphical parameterization for geometrical suspension models
  • Tool automation – remote and batch mode
  • Custom model parameterization

Key Benefits
  • Intuitive, graphically supported parameterization
  • Parameterization during online (Simulator) and offline (Simulink) simulations
  • Managing parameter sets and entire projects
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