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DS1104 R&D Controller Board

Cost-effective system for controller development
  • Single-board system with real-time hardware and comprehensive I/O
  • Cost-effective
  • PCI hardware for use in PCs
  • NEW: Variant with PCIe (PCI Express) host interface
Application Areas
The real-time hardware based on PowerPC technology and its set of I/O interfaces make the controller board an ideal solution for developing controllers in various fields, such as drives, robotics, and aerospace. The board is used in many university laboratories.
Key Benefits
The DS1104 R&D Controller Board upgrades your PC to a powerful development system for rapid control prototyping
(“R&D“ stands for research & development). Real-Time Interface provides Simulink ® blocks for graphical
I/O configuration. The board can be installed in virtually any PC with a free PCI or PCIe slot.
Using Real-Time Interface
With Real-Time Interface (RTI), you can easily run your function models on the DS1104 R&D Controller Board. You can
configure all I/O graphically, insert the blocks into a Simulink block diagram, and generate the model code via  Simulink® Coder™ (formerly Real-Time Workshop®). The real-time model is compiled, downloaded, and started automatically. This reduces the implementation time to a minimum.