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DS1005 PPC Board

Computing power and scalability

  • PowerPC 750GX, 1 GHz
  • Fully programmable from Simulink®
  • High-speed connection to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS bus
  • Multiprocessor system of several DS1005 PPC Boards via fiber-optic connection (Gigalinks)


Key Benefits
The DS1005 features a PowerPC 750GX processor running at 1 GHz, so it has ample power for the vast majority of cases. If you need even more calculation power, the DS1005 PPC Board meets all multiprocessing requirements.
The DS1005 is directly connectable to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS and PHS++ bus. The PHS++ bus standard is compatible with the standard PHS bus, but allows faster communication with I/O boards supporting PHS++ bus access, such as the DS2211.

Modular Hardware Concept

The DS1005 PPC Board is one of dSPACE’s processor boards that form the core of dSPACE’s modular hardware (the other being the DS1006 Processor Board). Processor boards provide the computing power for your real-time system and also function as interfaces to the I/O boards and the host PC. The DS1005 is the board of choice for applications with high sampling rates and a lot of I/O capacity. Great processor power plus fast access to I/O hardware with minimum latencies make dSPACE processor boards considerably faster than solutions based on commonly available PCs.

Multiprocessor Setup

The processor board can be connected to other DS1005 boards via an additional optical interface (DS910 Gigalink Module) to create DS1005 multiprocessor systems of all sizes, so that your modular hardware can be tailored exactly to your requirements. Synchronization between the boards is ensured, since interrupts can be dispatched to other DS1005 boards via hardware, with minimal latencies.


The DS1005 (1 GHz) is compatible with all of its earlier versions. Programs or models compiled for the older versions run on the DS1005 (1 GHz) without modifications. Multiprocessor systems can mix old and new DS1005 boards without impairing performance