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DS4121 ECU Interface Board

Connects electronic control units with a dSPACE modular system

  • Real-time interface to ECUs with 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors
  • Two LVDS channels for high-speed, low latency communication
  • Standard ECU interface blockset fully integrated in MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • Tailored for bypass applications and the RTI Bypass Blockset

Application Areas
The DS4121 provides the link between your electronic control unit (ECU) and a dSPACE modular system. Bypassing individual ECU algorithms and calculating them on a prototyping system is a typical application example. The connection is made via a dual-port memory plug-on device (DPMEM POD), on-chip debug interfaces like the DCI-GSI1 or an LVDS-Ethernet Link cable. Two independent ECUs can be connected to the DS4121 at the same time. This offers the flexibility to operate such things as powertrain control modules containing the engine and transmission controllers, or valve controls for 8- and 12-cylinder engines.

Key Benefits
The DS4121 is designed to carry out bypassing exactly the way you want. For example, the production-intent ECU can remain in its final mounting position while the prototyping system might be mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle. The standard board version of the DS4121 is connected to the ECU via copper cable. The DS4121-FX uses a fiber-optic link which increases the possible distance between board and ECU.

Bypassing with the DS4121
With the DS4121, you can either use one single hardware interrupt from the ECU to the prototyping system, or you can split one interrupt into up to 128 subinterrupts with a specially designed ECU software porting kit, allowing full multi-level, multitasking bypassing. The interrupts can be specified via easy-to-use dialogs. You can also perform service-based bypassing with the RTI Bypass Blockset Real-Time Interface Bypass Blockset.