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DS5203 FPGA Board

FPGA programmable per application
  • Completely user-programmable via RTI FPGA Programming Blockset
  • Utilizes the Xilinx® System Generator (XSG) Simulink® Blockset
  • Offline Simulation in Simulink
  • Basic set of I/O drivers on-board, I/O extendable by piggyback modules

Application Areas

The DS5203 FPGA Board can be adapted to various tasks, so you can react flexibly to tougher requirements, for example, signal conditioning, using new interfaces, or speeding up model parts. FPGAs are especially useful for relieving the processor board of tasks such as signal preprocessing during ECU development. Running at 100 MHz, the DS5203 board is ideal for application fields like engine knocking, cylinder pressure analyses and electric drive projects. The DS5203 works together closely with the XSG model library.

Key Benefits

A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is a semiconductor device consisting of logic elements that you can configure. The DS5203 FPGA Board features a powerful, freely programmable FPGA, the Xilinx Virtex®-5. In addition, it offers 6 ADC, 6 DAC and 16 digital I/O channels, and connection to the processor board via PHS bus. The number of I/O channels can be increased by piggyback modules.

New: Additional Modules

DS5203M1 Multi-I/O Module
The DS5203M1 I/O Module is a piggyback module for the DS5203 FPGA Board. It extends the available digital and analog I/O to give you more flexibility.

NEW: EV1099: Resolver SC Module for DS5203
The EV1099 Resolver SC Module is a transfer element for the DS5203 FPGA Board or the DS5203M1 Multi-I/O Module. It offers special signal conditioning for electric drive applications, such as transformers for resolver simulation.
Additional features:
  • Configurable audio transformer for each of the 6 DAC channels
  • Switchable 220 Ohm resistor for each of the 6 ADC channels
The module can be installed in a dSPACE Simulator Full-Size or Mid-Size. It is connected via ribbon cable to the DS5203 or DS5203M1, which are pin-compatible.