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DS4505 FlexRay Interface Board

Interface to a FlexRay communication bus


  • Connects dSPACE‘s modular hardware to a FlexRay bus system
  • Supports up to 4 FlexRay Interface Modules

Application Area
The DS4505 FlexRay Interface Board allows a dSPACE system with modular hardware to be connected to a FlexRay communication system. Specially developed for carrying the DS4340 FlexRay Interface Module, it increases the performance of the communication system. It is ideally suited to rapid control prototyping and testing FlexRay applications with a dSPACE prototyping system or Simulator. The board can carry up to four FlexRay Interface modules and can be used with the DS1005 PPC Board and DS1006 Processor Board.

Key Benefits
The DS4505 FlexRay Interface Board equipped with a FlexRay Interface Module enables you to test FlexRay applications with dSPACE modular hardware in a FlexRay network. Setting up and testing FlexRay communications is easy with the available toolset. All this ensures full real-time support during controller development in FlexRay networks. For restbus simulation of FlexRay applications, the board supports flexible controller settings to ensure the bus behaves correctly on startup.

FlexRay Basics
FlexRay is a time-triggered communication system for in-vehicle applications with demanding communication needs. It is considered the standard for the next generation of deterministic, high-performance automotive communication networks. The basic principle of time-triggered systems is that tasks are executed and messages are sent according to a predefined schedule. In FlexRay, activities are aligned to a global time base, whereas in nondeterministic communication protocols such as CAN, they are mainly event-triggered at run time.

Configuration Package and Tools
The dSPACE FlexRay Configuration Package is used to integrate dSPACE hardware as simulation or monitoring nodes in a FlexRay network. Nodes are configured with the FlexRay Configuration Tool according to a communication matrix containing scheduling information for signals and frames transmitted via the FlexRay bus. The communication information is linked with the application code generated from a MATLAB®/Simulink® model to execute a FlexRay application on a dSPACE system.