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DS5101 Digital Waveform Output Board

  • Generates digital pulse patterns autonomously
  • 25-ns resolution on up to 16 channels
  • Standard pulse patterns such as PWM included

Application Areas
Digital pulse patterns are required in almost any control application. The demands made on PWM resolution and flexibility are very high, especially in drives control. With ordinary timing I/O, you come up against the limits very quickly. Digital signals in automotive applications usually require less resolution, but the demands on flexibility can nevertheless be high, for example, for the simulation of crankshaft signals.

Key Benefits
The DS5101 autonomously generates any TTL pulse patterns on up to 16 channels with high accuracy. With a time resolution of 25 ns, the DS5101 meets even the toughest requirements. The ability to change pulse widths in real time combined with various trigger and interrupt mechanisms give the DS5101 board unbeatable flexibility and programmability.

Pulse Pattern Library
A library with standard pulse patterns is supplied. However, you can also program your own pulse patterns in an intuitive high-level language.
  • 1-phase PWM
  • 3-phase PWM
  • 3-phase/6-channel PWM (includes converted signals)
  • Incremental sensor simulation
  • Monoflop signal generation