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DS5001 Digital Waveform Capture Board

Capturing digital signals

  • Captures digital signals for parameter evaluation
  • Standard functions for pulse analysis such as PWM measurement included
  • Ideally suited to control and hardware-in-the-loop applications in automotives and drives

Key Benefits
Capturing digital signals is a part of most control and hardware-in-the-loop applications. However, with ordinary timing I/O, the speed, resolution, or number of channels often is not sufficient. And typically, complicated analysis algorithms are required – and these usually have to be programmed in assembler language, which most users would prefer to avoid.
You can overcome these limitations with the DS5001 Digital Waveform Capture Board. The board records digital signals at high speed for extremely flexible evaluation of frequency, phase, duty cycles, and other signal parameters.

Application Areas
The application area of the DS5001 Board ranges from automotives through drives to robotics. The DS5001 is in active use in many hardware-in-the-loop and rapid control prototyping applications. It can be connected to the Engine Position Bus of the DS2211 HIL I/O Board. This allows you to perform angle-synchronous signal capturing, with the DS5001 as either a time-base slave or the master. The board can also be connected to the time-base connector of the DS4002 Timing and Digital I/O Board or other DS5001 boards, and itself function as a time-base master for other boards.