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AC Motor Control Solution

Control of diverse AC motors
  • Fast current/voltage measurements
  • Suitable PWM generation for electric drives
  • Connection of diverse position encoders
  • Control of AC motors, e.g., asynchronous motors, brushless DC motors (BLDCs) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs)
  • RTI Blockset for MATLAB®/Simulink®
The AC Motor Control Solution is based on the DS5202 FPGA Base Board. This is specially designed for fast current/voltage measurements, connection of diverse position encoders and control of AC motors such as ASMs, BLDCs and PMSMs. Rapid prototyping of AC motors requires fast I/O, which is fullfilled by using the DS5202 FPGA Base Board and the appropriate piggyback module, with the control algorithms running on the DS1005 or DS1006 processor board. The interface between the user's control model and the AC Motor Control hardware is realized by the AC Motor Control Solution RTI Blockset.
Use Case
Typical use cases for the AC Motor Control Solution are highly dynamic control systems for different types of AC motors (e.g., sample rate of 20-40 kHz).
Some scenarios are: 
  • Field-oriented control of PMSMs or ASMs
  • Control of BLDCs
  • Prototyping new methods for sensorless control
  • Using RapidPro Power Unit with suitable modules or customer-specific power converters
For in-vehicle use of the AC Motor Control Solution you can install it in the dSPACE AutoBox. For stationary use it can be installed in an expansion box.
  • Measurements (of phase currents and/or voltages, and DC link currents or voltages) and ADC starts can be synchronized to PWM signals
  • Position and speed measurements using typical sensors such as Hall sensors or incremental encoders, resolvers, or typical single/multiturn encoders with serial interfaces (EnDat or SSI)
  • Generation of gate driver signals (center-aligned 3/6 PWMs for sinusoidal commutation or PWM signals for block commutation or advanced customer-specific PWM patterns)
  • Synchronization of ADC measurement with center-aligned PWM signals (regular sampling)
  • Model synchronization by interrupt generation at the center position of the PWM or at user-defined motor angles.
  • Trigger signal to external devices at the center position of the PWM.
XSG AC Motor Control Library
FPGA-based control design for MicroAutoBox II, SCALEXIO and PHS-based systems
  • FPGA library for high-speed electric drive control
  • High performance position sensor processing
  • Flexible PWM generation
  • Connection of diverse position encoders
  • Examples of controller models for various AC motors
The XSG AC Motor Control library lets you program inside the FPGA. This mainly involves the high-performance proces-sing of various position sensors and in conjunction with the included XSG Utils library, the flexible generation of PWM patterns. You can use the RTI FPGA Programming Blockset to position and combine these components however required.