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100Mbit/s Ethernet Interface (UDP/IP, TCP/IP)

Interface to an Ethernet network

  • Connects a modular dSPACE real-time system to an Ethernet network
  • For projects that need intelligent data processing
  • Data transmission for customer-specific bus system
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable Simulink blockset

Application Areas
The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet Interface connects a modular dSPACE real-time system to an Ethernet network. It enables you to transmit data between dSPACE processor boards (DS1005, DS1006, or multiprocessor system) and a remote computer system. Its application areas are hardware-in-the-loop simulation and rapid control prototyping, where simultaneous communication runs via one or more network nodes. Data transmission between the processor board and a customer-specific bus system can also be implemented by using an appropriate gateway computer connected to the Ethernet network.

Key Benefits
The dSPACE Ethernet Solutions supports variable length frames for sending and receiving with datagram up to a payload size of 65507 bytes. It also supports TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) single point-to-point communication. The UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols are executed on the ETX. The dynamic or static IP address of the ETX module comes with auto negotiations features. Your Ethernet configuration is downloaded to DS4504 and initialized by startup.

Hardware and Software
The dSPACE Ethernet Solution is based on DS4504 PMC Carrier board with an Embedded Technology eXtended (ETX) module. The ETX module provides a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface. The solution requires a DS381 Ethernet Connector Board for connection to the DS4504 via a standard RJ45 network connection. The solution and the connection to the Simulink® model are configured graphically by means of the DS4504 Ethernet Basic Blockset, which is based on S-functions.