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Modular Hardware

Optimum scalability and flexibility for hardware that fits your project

  • Scalable hardware for applications like rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • High processor power
  • High performance with multiprocessor systems
  • Fast access to I/O hardware
  • Variety of I/O boards available

Key Benefits
Our modular hardware gives you optimum scalability and flexibility. You can choose from our wide range of I/O boards and processor boards to put together exactly the hardware you need for your project. All boards are designed and thoroughly tested by dSPACE. This one-vendor concept guarantees that all boards and all systems work well together, without any compatibility problems.

You can set up both single-processor and multi­processor systems with a processor board as a base, and then adapt the system to your tasks by connecting I/O boards. The system can be expanded or adapted to new projects at any time. The type and number of I/O interfaces, the computing performance, and I/O capabilities can easily be expanded by adding further boards to the system.

With a processor board as a base, you can set up both single-processor and multiprocessor systems.

  • Processing power for dSPACE's modular hardware
  • Computes the simulation model
  • High-speed connection to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS++ bus
  • Programming from Simulink®

DS1005 PPC Board

  • The DS1005 PPC Board is ideal for computing models with high sampling rates and a lot of I/O capacity, and for use in dSPACE’s AutoBox

DS1006 Processor Board

  • The DS1006 Processor Board is ideal for computing very complex, processing-intensive models, and for use in laboratories.

DS1007 PPC Processor Board

  • The DS1007 is an excellent fit when your application models require a combination of high computing power and fast closed-loop rates

dSPACE's wide range of intelligent I/O boards feature numerous options, from simple signal input/output to complex signal generation and interface support.

  • I/O boards for modular hardware
  • System configuration using any desired combination of I/O boards
  • Programming from Simulink®

I/O boards overview
  • As versatile as the many application areas of our modular systems

Easy access to I/O signals with BNC and Sub-D connectors

  • Access analog signals via BNC connectors
  • Access digital signals via Sub-D connectors
  • Two enclosure options: 19" rack or 19" desktop box
  • Sub-D connectors are low-density and grouped according to I/O channels or functional units
  • LED panels indicate the status of the board's digital signals

Panels for modular hardware
  • All panels at a glance

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