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MicroAutoBox II

  • 2nd generation of dSPACE's robust and compact stand-alone prototyping unit
  • IBM PowerPC running at 900 MHz
  • Available with programmable FPGA and additional embedded PC
  • NEW: Optional CAN FD module


Application Areas
MicroAutoBox is a real-time system for performing fast function prototyping in fullpass and bypass scenarios. It operates without user intervention, just like an ECU. MicroAutoBox can be used for many different rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications such as:
  • Chassis control
  • Powertrain
  • Body control
  • Electric drives control
  • X-by-wire applications
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Aerospace applications
Key Benefits

The special strength of the MicroAutoBox hardware is its unique combination of high performance, comprehensive automotive I/O, and an extremely compact and robust design (extreme shock and vibration tests according to ISO 16750-3:2007) – all for a favorable price. This lets you equip several vehicles or a whole test fleet to check the reliability of your control functions. With dSPACE's combination of comprehensive software and hardware support, you can also keep overall system costs low. In addition to the standard I/O, MicroAutoBox offers variants with FPGA functionality for application-specific I/O extensions and for user-programmable FPGA applications. Moreover, there are MicroAutoBox variants with interfaces for all major automotive bus systems: CAN, LIN, K/L line, FlexRay, and Ethernet. As an option, an additional embedded PC can be integrated into the MicroAutoBox II.

More Features

MicroAutoBox can start up autonomously after power-up, with ECU-like boot-up times. A PC or notebook can be easily connected (hot-plugged) for application download, model parameterization, and data analysis via Ethernet. Application programs are stored in nonvolatile memory. MicroAutoBox contains signal conditioning for automotive signal levels and an integrated flight recorder for long-term data acquisition (incl. support of USB mass storage devices).

Standard Variants and Embedded PC

MicroAutoBox is available in eight standard variants, each with different interfaces and I/O functionalities. An ideal extension for the MicroAutoBox is the RapidPro hardware with its off-the-shelf signal conditioning and power stage modules. All standard variants can integrate an additional embedded PC.

Compact System Setup with MicroAutoBox-RapidPro Joining Plate
The new joining plate enables you to combine a MicroAutoBox II and RapidPro hardware in a one-stack-system. Such a compact system is beneficial if the mounting space is limited.
(Shock and vibration ratings depend on the stack size. Please contact dSPACE for more information.)
NEW: Variants with DS1513 I/O board
The MicroAutoBox II variants 1401/1513 and 1401/1512/1513 provide more CAN channels and more analog channels. This makes them especially suitable for applications with intensive CAN bus communication, and offers more flexibility for sensor and actuator connection.