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Generic Serial Interfaces

Function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration and flash programming
  • Very small communication latencies with bypassing
  • Various on-chip debug interfaces and connectors supported off-the-shelf
  • High measurement data throughput via USB or XCP on Ethernet
  • Measurement and bypassing without ECU code changes
Application Areas
The current trend for modern automotive microcontrollers is towards higher levels of system integration, faster clock rates, increased on-chip RAM and flash memory, and more comprehensive I/O functionality. In this context, on-chip debug interfaces are becoming much more important for ECU software development.
dSPACE provides the generic serial interfaces DCI‑GSI1 and DCI‑GSI2, which can be used for function bypassing, measurement, ECU calibration and flash programming. The broad range of available connector adapters lets you adapt the DCI‑GSIs to individual electronic control units.  
Differences Between the DCI-GSIs
Although both the DCI‑GSI1 and the DCI‑GSI2 are basically tailored for similar use cases, they differ in several details: For example, the DCI-GSI2 provides an open and standardized XCP on Ethernet interface for third-party tools to connect to. In addition, the DCI‑GSI2 features bypassing without requiring any ECU source or hex code changes, and enables very high measurement data throughputs and extremely fast measurement rasters via GBit Ethernet.