New I/O functions and flexible use of failure simulation

  • Support for SENT 2010 and Ethernet protocols
  • Failure simulation with flexible licensing
Melbourn, March 15, 2012: The latest version of SCALEXIO provides additional functionality, supporting SAE J2716 SENT 2010 (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) and Ethernet protocols as well as offering a very flexible and scalable failure simulation licensing scheme. dSPACE launched SCALEXIO, its new hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology, in 2011 and has continuously extended its functional scope since then.
Support for SENT 2010 and Ethernet
SAE standard J2716 SENT 2010 ensures reliable data transmission between sensors and electronic control units (ECU). SCALEXIO now has two new I/O functions based on this standard: SENT In and SENT Out. These extend SCALEXIO’s capabilities to simulate and capture sensor SENT data communication for ECU software validation and testing.
Another new I/O function in SCALEXIO supports real-time use of the Ethernet protocol. Users can connect devices communicating over Ethernet to SCALEXIO directly via an interface in SCALEXIO’s Processing Unit.
All of the I/O functions are configured graphically with dSPACE ConfigurationDesk.
Flexible Licensing for Failure Simulation
dSPACE has introduced a new, flexible and scalable licensing model for failure simulation. Using a single hardware license, failure simulation capability can be activated for any number of existing I/O channels in a SCALEXIO system. No setup work or system extension is necessary. Users can, thereby, reduce the investment burden due to functional uncertainty and future program needs.  Moreover, the same license can be used consecutively on different systems to ensure complete flexibility and adaptability within the company. This allows functional or diagnostic testing without any pre-assigned hardware configurations.