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On-Target Prototyping

Cost-effective Entry-Level Solution for Rapid Control Prototyping
If the size and complexity of the model-based development tasks do not require dedicated hardware for rapid control prototyping, and if the existing ECU features all the required sensor and actuator interfaces, the obvious solution is to develop functions directly on the target hardware. On-target prototyping is frequently used as an initial approach to rapid control prototyping, and is suitable for equipping a large number of workstations. As in other development areas, ControlDesk® Next Generation is the proven experiment environment for convenient measurement and calibration.

Seamless Transition to External Bypassing
The dSPACE solution for on-target prototyping is based on the internal bypass method. It allows developers to switch back and forth between internal and external bypassing without having to modify the function model. For example, if function developers notice during bypassing that the ECU's available RAM and flash memory is insufficient or if additional sensor signals are necessary, they can quickly switch to an external prototyping system.

A Broad Base for Fleet Tests
Internal bypassing is ideal for validating new software functions that were developed by external bypassing or fullpassing in vehicle fleets. It enables new functions to be evaluated and optimized directly on the target ECU in field tests. For this approach, it is useful to describe calibration and measurement data in the standardized A2L format. This makes integration into existing production-close development environments easy and lets developers use the automotive industry's standard calibration tools.

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