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DS1103 PPC Controller Board

Powerful controller board for rapid control prototyping


  • Single-board system with real-time processor and comprehensive I/O
  • CAN interface and serial interfaces ideally suited to automotive applications
  • High I/O speed and accuracy
  • PLL-driven UART for accurate baud rate selection


Application Areas
The controller board is designed to meet the requirements of modern rapid control prototyping and is highly suitable for applications such as:

  • Automotive controllers
  • Induction motor control
  • Robotics
  • Positioning systems and stepper motors
  • Active vibration control

An integrated Infineon CAN microcontroller makes the board an attractive tool for automotive and automation applications.

Key Benefits
The DS1103 is an all-rounder in rapid control prototyping. You can mount the board in a dSPACE Expansion Box or dSPACE AutoBox to test your control functions in a laboratory or directly in the vehicle. Its processing power and fast I/O are vital for applications that involve numerous actuators and sensors. Used with Real-Time Interface (RTI), the controller board is fully programmable from the Simulink® block diagram environment. You can configure all I/O graphically by using RTI. This is a quick and easy way to implement your control functions on the board.

Comprehensive Interfaces

The unparalleled number of I/O interfaces makes the DS1103 a versatile controller board for numerous applications. It provides a great selection of interfaces, including 50 bit-I/O channels, 36 A/D channels, and 8 D/A channels. For additional I/O tasks, a DSP controller unit built around Texas Instruments‘ TM320F240 DSP is used as a subsystem.

Recording and Output of I/O Values

The control of electrical drives requires accurate recording and output of I/O values. It is possible to synchronize the A/D channels and D/A channels, and the position of the incremental encoder interface, with an internal PWM signal or an external trigger signal. Also, the serial interface (UART) is driven by a phase-locked loop to achieve absolutely
accurate baud rate selection.