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Simulator Hardware

Hardware-in-the-loop simulators and simulator-specific hardware for ECU testing

SCALEXIO fulfills all the new requirements that our hardware-in-the-loop customers have encountered over the last few years. Its completely new hardware and software architectures are the perfect answer to the changes and new challenges in today‘s HIL projects. SCALEXIO systems are very versatile – they provide highly flexible channels, can be extended precisely to any required size, and are completely software-configurable.

The Hardware Concept of dSPACE Simulator
The hardware requirements for hardware-in-the-loop applications vary immensely. dSPACE Simulator therefore comes in different hardware types, which can be put together to fit specific tasks. For example, function tests can be executed with dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size, while adaptations to the ECU are most often made in the cable harness. In contrast, acceptance tests call for modular, expandable simulator hardware like dSPACE Simulator Full-Size, which provides scalable I/O and processing power.

The modular hardware concept of dSPACE Simulator gives you the greatest possible flexibility. You can make last-minute changes to a project, for example, and easily adapt or extend your simulator on project completion.

Simulator Networks
It is no problem to link several simulators to form a networked system. Several dSPACE Simulators (of any hardware type) can be connected to set up a networked simulator environment.

dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size is a standardized, off-the-shelf HIL simulator in a 19” desktop rack. Its hardware is based on two boards from our modular hardware, a processor board (DS1005 or DS1006) and an HIL I/O Board (DS2202 or DS2211). Other I/O boards can be added if required.

dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size

dSPACE Simulator Full-Size is a modular simulator that is assembled from off-the-shelf components according to your requirements. The result: high quality at attractive prices. dSPACE Simulator Full-Size comes in a 19” cabinet, giving you a high-quality, tailored system with enormous extension capabilities. If you need to expand or modify your simulator, dSPACE has a wide variety of modular hardware components that can be integrated into your dSPACE Simulator Full-Size.

dSPACE Simulator Full-Size

Further simulator-specific hardware can be integrated into your dSPACE Simulator in addition to the modular hardware listed in this catalog. This simulator-specific hardware can include real system components, as well as measurement and diagnostic tools. The components and tools can be built and integrated by dSPACE, or you can do it yourself.
dSPACE Simulator Full-Size can be equipped with simulator-specific hardware for optimum tailoring to your specific needs. dSPACE Simulator Mid-Size can also be similarly equipped to a certain extent.

Simulator-Specific Hardware

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