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RapidPro Power Unit

Flexible power stage unit

  • Power stages for dSPACE prototyping systems
  • Easily adaptable to different actuators via configurable modules
  • Slots for up to 6 power stage modules
  • Wide supply range (6 V to 60 V), reverse and overvoltage-protected

Application Areas
The RapidPro Power Unit, in conjunction with the standard PS modules or customer-specific modules, lets you adapt many different types of actuators (for example, drives, injectors, valves, relays, ohmic loads) to specific prototyping systems.

Key Benefits
The RapidPro Power Unit is based on the same advanced architecture as the RapidPro SC Unit. The main difference is that the power unit is designed to support high current signals for driving actuators. The carrier board offers space for up to six power stage modules, with or without current feedback. Each RapidPro Power Unit can have up to 48 power driver channels. The whole RapidPro Power Unit can be switched on or off from dSPACE prototyping systems via a remote control input, or all outputs can be deactivated via an enable/disable input. dSPACE‘s ConfigurationDesk® provides easy configuration of the unit and extensive diagnostics handling. Interactive diagnostics with feedback to the model can be performed with the appropriate Real-Time Interface (RTI) blocksets.