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DS1006 Processor Board

Computing power for processing-intensive real-time models
  • x86 processor technology
  • Quad-Core AMD OpteronTM processor
  • Fully programmable from Simulink®
  • High-speed connection to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS bus
  • Multiprocessor system of several DS1006 Processor Boards via fiber-optic connection (Gigalinks)


Key Benefits
The DS1006 processor board is our flagship for very complex, large, and processing-intensive models – for example, for powertrain and virtual vehicle simulations. The board is built around the AMD OpteronTM, x86-compatible 64-bit server multi-core processor. It provides 512 kB L2 cache per core and 6 MB shared L3 cache. The DS1006 also has 1 GB local memory for executing real-time models, 128 MB global memory per core for exchanging data with the host PC, and 2 MB on-board boot flash memory, plus an optional application flash memory on a CompactFlash card for automatic, host-independent booting of real-time applications.

Modular Hardware Concept

The DS1006 Processor Board is one of dSPACE’s processor boards that form the heart of dSPACE’s modular hardware. It provides the computing power for your real-time system and also functions as an interface to the I/O boards and the host PC. The DS1006 is directly connectable to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS bus.

Multiprocessor Setup

If you need even more performance, you can build a multiprocessor system by connecting several DS1006 boards via an additional optical interface (DS911 Gigalink Module). Synchronization between the boards is guaranteed, since interrupts can be sent to other processor boards via hardware, with minimal latencies.

Multi-Core Processor

You can set up a multi-processor system by using the individual cores of the multi-core processor, and assign the I/O boards easily by graphical programming via RTI-MP. With the possibility for parallel computing and a high performance data exchange between the cores, the DS1006 multi-core board speeds up all your applications.