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DS2401 Resistive Sensor Simulation Board

For simulating resistive sensors

  • 4 resistance output channels
  • Covers a total resistance range from 10 Ω to 500 kΩ
  • Channels individually insulated from system ground
  • Ideally suited to hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Application Areas
In hardware-in-the-loop applications, the simulation of sensors plays an important role. While many sensors provide voltages or currents, others have a resistance output – for example, thermistors or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for temperature measurement. To simulate these resistive sensors, precise resistance values must be provided.

Key Benefits
The DS2401 features four resistance output channels of identical structure. All channels are insulated from system ground individually. The application running on the processor board writes the desired resistance to the DS2401 board, and the resistance is then simulated electronically between the two output pins of that channel.