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DS2302 Direct Digital Synthesis Board

Powerful board for real-time and high-accuracy signal generation

  • Essential for hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Flexible sensor signal simulation with up to 6 channels
  • Fast analog output on up to six 16-bit DACs
  • APU (angular processing unit) slave interface for each channel

Application Areas
To test an electronic control unit (ECU) to its limits, even interferences such as noise or spikes often need to be simulated. For example, in automotive hardware-in-the-loop applications, signals such as crankshaft or camshaft pulses have to be generated as angle-based for the greatest accuracy. Signal variables, such as engine speed, must be modified in real time. The Fast Analog Capturing Module is used to capture injection control voltage and calculate the injection quantity for piezo actuators of SI engines.

Key Benefits
The DS2302 enables you to simulate complex sensor signal waveforms for testing ECUs. It meets tough requirements regarding complexity, flexibility and resolution. The DS2302 is equipped with six DSPs and designed for fast, flexible waveform generation. It computes each signal sample just-in-time and outputs it immediately. The signal parameters can easily be changed on-the-fly by a master processor board. The DS2302 C functions allow you to exchange data between your main application and an application running on one of the six DSPs. Communication runs via the dual-ported memories of the DS2302.