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DS210x D/A Boards

Fast D/A Boards

  • D/A boards with various resolutions, channel numbers, and speeds
  • Up to 32 channels
  • Resolution up to 16 bit
  • Minimum settling time of 1.6 µs

Application Areas
D/A conversion is required by many rapid control prototyping applications to provide the control signal for actuators. In the other direction, in hardware-in-the-loop applications, sensors that provide analog signals have to be simulated.

Key Benefits
The D/A boards provide various channel numbers, resolutions, and speeds for you to choose from. The table below gives you an initial overview. All three boards can be configured from Simulink® with Real-Time Interface. You can select the voltage range for each channel individually.

Comparing All Three Boards

BoardChannelsResolutionSettling Time 1)
DS2101 D/A Board5 out12 bit3 µs
DS2102 High-Resolution D/A Board6 out16 bit1.6 µs
DS2103 Multi-Channel D/A Board32 out14 bit10 µs

1) Speed and timing specifications describe the capabilities of the hardware components and circuits of dSPACE products. Depending on the software complexity the attainable overall performance can deviate significantly from the hardwarespecification.