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Additional Bypass Interface Solutions

Customer-specific DPMEM PODs and on-chip debugging interfaces
  • Dedicated interfaces tailored for customer-specific use cases
  • Solutions for a wide range of CPUs already available
  • Reliable systems proven in several thousand installations world-wide

Application Areas
When the bypass method is used for rapid control prototyping, there are often several possible ways of diverting the flow of data from the ECU to the prototyping system and back. In cases where a dSPACE standard bypass interface is not applicable, a customer-specific plug-on device (POD) may be a suitable solution. dSPACE offers a wide range of options for such PODs, meeting the needs of numerous microcontroller types and individual applications. We recommend you consult us on bypassing issues at an early project stage, to gain maximum benefit from one of dSPACE’s standard solutions and significantly reduce engineering costs.

Key Benefits
From many years of experience with bypass interface development, dSPACE has a long list of well proven solutions to offer. You can also order a custom bypass interface, precisely tailored to the microcontroller of your production ECU and your application.

Bypass Interfaces Supported by dSPACE Including Customer-Specific Solutions

Strategy Bypass Interface Solution
Bypassing via DPMEM POD Parallel interface
  • Standard product, e.g., DS541 DPMEM POD for MPC55xx microcontrollers
  • Customized DPMEM POD
Bypassing via On-Chip-Debugging Interface Serial interface
  • Standard products: DCI-GSI1 and DCI-GSI2 for microcontrollers specified
  • Customer-specific PODs or specific adaptations of the DCI-GSI1 and DCI-GSI2
Bypassing via XCP on CAN CAN interface
  • Standard product: One CAN channel on ECU is used
Bypassing via CCP using CAN
Bypassing via XCP on Ethernet (UDP/IP and TCP/IP) Ethernet interface
  • Standard product: LVDS-Ethernet Link Cable (LVDS_CAB13/14), DS1007 Ethernet interface, MicroAutoBox II Ethernet I/O interface
Bypassing via XCP on FlexRay FlexRay interface
  • Standard product: One FlexRay channel on ECU is used