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TargetLink Strategic Partner: BTC Embedded Systems AG

BTC Embedded Systems AG
(formerly: OSC) provides products and services for the formal verification, validation, and automated testing of embedded systems.

Complementary Tools for TargetLink®:

  • BTC EmbeddedTester®
  • BTC EmbeddedValidator®
  • BTC EmbeddedSpecifier®

Contact and Order Information
BTC Embedded Systems AG
An der Schmiede 4
26135 Oldenburg
Tel.: +49 4 41 96 97 38-0
Fax: +49 4 41 96 97 38-64

Automatic test vector generation

  • Automatic production code testing and validation
  • Operates on TargetLink-generated code
  • Automatically high code condition/decision coverage of up to 100%

Application Area
EmbeddedTesterCOMPLETE comes with state-of-the-art automatic test cases generator engines (ATGs) for creating a set of test vectors (input stimuli) with high code/test goal coverage. The generated test vectors are automatically executed on the model, the code on the host, or the code on the target. Different behavior reactions during model-in-the-loop (MIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing are compared, analyzed and reported automatically.

Test vectors are generated fully automatic based on the generated code. High coverage is reached by using conditions and decisions in the code as criteria, which usually provides better coverage than analyses that are based on the model only. EmbeddedTesterCOMPLETE can also prove if the code is unreachable, up to any desired analysis depth. This prevents untested model and code parts that could lead to problems later on.

Embedded TesterBASE
EmbeddedTesterBASE , the economy-price entry level solution which can be upgraded to EmbeddedTesterCOMPLETE , is a test execution and test management environment especially made for TargetLink and Simulink®. It seamlessly supports unit and module testing for Simulink® models, TargetLink models and target code as part of the model-based development process. EmbeddedTesterBASE can be extended by the automatic test generation and code verification capabilities of EmbeddedTesterCOMPLETE (upgrade to EmbeddedTesterCOMPLETE for Automatic Test Generation for full model/code coverage and Code Verification supported).

Simulink®/Stateflow® verification environment

  • Automatic Simulink/Stateflow and TargetLink model validation
  • Operates on TargetLink generated code
  • Full support of Stateflow charts
  • Support of Simulink subsystems with a large set of open-loop control blocks (Simulink/TargetLink)
  • Pattern-based requirements specification


Formal specification of requirements

BTC EmbeddedSpecifier allows engineers to specify their requirements in a semi-formal and finally in a formal way as recommended in the ISO 26262 standard. The tool accompanies the user during all specification stages in order to guarantee a smooth and intuitive definition flow.

BTC EmbeddedSpecifier provides:
  • Formal requirements specification for everyone
  • Direct access to engineering tools such as IBM® Rational® DOORS® and PTC Integrity
  • Continuous traceability thanks to consistent linking of all artifacts
  • Automatic generation of diagnostic units (C-Observer)
  • “Refactoring” of the formalized requirements specifications following modification of informal requirements to ensure consistency between all artifacts across life-cycle iterations.
The diagnostic units (C-Observer) automatically generated by BTC EmbeddedSpecifier can be easily embedded into every type of test environment. The easiest way is with the BTC EmbeddedTester (test and verification environment for dSPACE TargetLink). It enables the following test automation levels:
  • Automatic requirements-based test evaluation
  • Automatic test case generation regarding formalized requirements
  • Automatic measurement of requirements coverage