Company Philosophy

The future belongs to those who see the possibilities. dSPACE helps you see new development opportunities and put them into action. That’s our corporate philosophy. Accelerating our customers’ success. With our products, new software solutions for electronic control units and mechatronic controls are developed and tested even faster. So we’re in popular demand all over the world as a partner for progress.

The Leader in Technology
dSPACE laid the foundations for key technologies such as rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation. We developed the first autocoder for the MATLAB®/Simulink® development environment.
With our products you have seamless support for your development process — outstanding solutions that no one else can provide. Making your work quick and efficient.

Dedicated to Success
Our commitment comes from our passion. Passion for innovation, for top-level technology, for new challenges. That’s why our employees take on projects with such enthusiasm and work so closely with our partners, the customers. They all bring expertise and experience to the job. Plus the right amount of ambition to make projects succeed. To find perfect solutions. And to go on trying when things get tough.

The Long-Term View
Thinking is good, thinking ahead is better. That’s the only way to remain the leader in technology. In the future, dSPACE will still be that one decisive step ahead. Turning our own high standards into results. We want to do more than just react to your requirements. As your partner we want to help you to get ahead, and stay there.
That’s why we are constantly developing our product landscape, increasing our technological lead with new innovations. That’s why we cooperate closely with industrial partners and universities. That’s why we never stop working on innovations on the dSPACE tool chain.

Our goal is to work side-by-side with our customers in the long term. A philosophy that has proved right time and time again in the past. A philosophy that is dSPACE’s best foundation for all customer relationships in the future.