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Our Competence For New Technologies


The automotive industry is forging ahead with innovative drive concepts such as electric motors and fuel cells, and at the same time further developing combustion drive systems. A current goal for vehicle developers is to improve the efficiency of vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions while maintaining a high standard of drivability. In the nonautomotive industries, there is also a need for more efficiency or new concepts. For example, the transition from dependency on nuclear energy to more regenerative energy is well underway, requiring reliable control systems more than ever before.

dSPACE Products

Green Competence with dSPACE Products
With tried-and-tested dSPACE products, the complex interaction between all the different components in a hybrid or electric drive can be tested at an early stage of development. This speeds up the whole development process and guarantees the quality of the ECUs.
dSPACE supports all the development phases, from architecture-based system design and block-diagram-based function prototyping to automatic production code generation and ECU testing. The advantages are clear:
  • Front-loading – fast development
  • Quality assurance – reliable products
  • Integrated process – tools from a single vendor

Success Stories

Green Success Stories
dSPACE has been an active partner to the automotive industry for over two decades, supporting research and development on new drive technologies. dSPACE products have played an important role in optimizing downsized engines, developing electric vehicles and hybrid drives (micro, mild, and full hybrid), and designing hydrogen vehicles with fuel cell drives and many other innovations.
Nonautomotive fields such as wind energy converters have also benefited from dSPACE products.

Green Success in Various American Universities

dSPACE Inc. is a platinum sponsor of EcoCAR 2: Plugging in to the Future, a three-year engineering competition challenging students from 16 North American universities to design a powertrain architecture utilizing electric drive vehicle technology.


Electric Drives

dSPACE provides exactly the right products and solutions for simulating electric drives, and for developing and testing their ECUs. From flexible dSPACE development systems and special hardware for electric drives to building complete systems, dSPACE will accelerate your drive to the future.