EcoCAR in action

OSU Takes First-Place Honors at EcoCAR 2 Competition Finales!

June 17, 2014: The Ohio State University took home the prestigious first-place title at the conclusion of the three-year EcoCAR 2 Plugging In to the Future national advanced vehicle technology competition. The OSU team received top honors for its exceptionally engineered 2014 Chevrolet Malibu series-parallel plug-in hybrid featuring electric drive and ethanol (E85) fueled engine technology.

dSPACE Embedded Success Award Winners: Ohio State University, University of Victoria and University of Waterloo

June 17, 2014: The dSPACE Embedded Success Award is granted to university teams participating in the EcoCAR 2 advanced vehicle technology competition who demonstrate the most effective use of dSPACE equipment to simulate vehicle architectures and develop control strategies.

Students transform Chevy Malibu for EcoCAR 2 competition

June 4, 2014: Watch the video on Fox 2 News!

Mississippi State Controls Team: Refinement is on the Map

May 23, 2014: Leading up to Year Three Competition, the Mississippi State (MSU) EcoCAR 2 team has spent large amounts of time refining its controls strategy. The controls team works with their MicroAutoBox and RapidPro to interface with the components of MSU’s vehicle.

GM donates 16 Camaros for student 'EcoCar3' challenge

April 25, 2014: "General Motors Co. said Thursday it is donating 16 Chevrolet Camaro cars for the third round of the U.S. Energy Department’s EcoCAR 3 competition, aimed at helping find the next generation of auto industry engineers.

The four-year project will include thousands of students at 16 universities, including Wayne State University in Detroit, Arizona State University, California State University, Colorado State University, Mississippi State University, Penn State and University of Waterloo in Ontario."



EcoCAR 3 Announcement Event Stream

April 24th 7:00 pm ET
The time has come to officially announce the EcoCAR 3 teams and vehicle platform to the public!

How the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Controls their Chevrolet Malibu

January 31, 2014: For an EcoCAR to run, it needs more than just a body and a motor. While the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) EcoCAR 2 Team’s mechanical team builds different components of the car, the controls team is tasked with making all of the components work harmoniously.
The UTK's controls team uses several dSPACE products.