Rapid Control Prototyping

Testing and Optimizing Control Functions

Complete System for Rapid Control Prototyping
With dSPACE prototyping systems, you can optimize the control designs for the real plant without manual programming. Design faults are found immediately and corrections can be carried out on-the-spot. Your design is automatically implemented on the prototyping system from the block diagram and calculated in real time. You can connect the system to the outside world via numerous I/O interfaces.
You can concentrate completely on your control functions, and run quick and selective trials on your designs. Not only offline, but also in a vehicle or on a test bench.

Benefits of Rapid Control Prototyping

  • Test and optimize your control functions quickly and reliably in real time
  • High-speed hardware
  • Choice of hardware options and a broad range of I/O interfaces
  • Implement your MATLAB®/Simulink® models automatically on dSPACE hardware