Offers for Universities

dSPACE has attractive product packages for universities: the ACE Kits – real-time development systems consisting of powerful hardware and comprehensive software tools.
ACE Kit Versions
dSPACE has several product packages to choose from:
  • ACE Kit 1104 with the DS1104 R&D Controller Board as a cost-effective base package
  • ACE Kit 1103 with the DS1103 PPC Controller Board for complicated tasks in rapid prototyping
  • ACE Kit 1005, ACE Kit 1006 and ACE Kit 1007, the basis of modular dSPACE systems for rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop-simulation
  • ACE Kit MicroAutoBox for rapid control prototyping experiments in the laboratory and in vehicles
  • ACE Kit SCALEXIO® for hardware-in-the-loop applications
All ACE kits include software for seamlessly integrating the modeling tools MATLAB® and Simulink®, and for operating the real-time hardware. The price of each ACE kit is far lower than the total for all its individual components.
The package is based on a vehicle dynamics simulation model and graphical parameterization software. 
Model-Based Development with TargetLink®
TargetLink® is now also available with special network licenses for university teaching. The attractively priced, flexible network licenses are ideal for teaching model-based development in classes of 10 students or more.
Combined with MEDKit as a hardware platform for electric drive applications, TargetLink provides the ideal introduction to modelbased software development. As seen in the example application at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart.
Other dSPACE products are offered at reduced prices. For example, a special university license is available for TargetLink®.
The ACE Kit Enables You To …
  • Test even the most complex control systems in real time
  • Demonstrate high-end control development – from block diagram design to online controller optimization
  • Let your students gain experience with industrial control development tools
  • Work with easy-to-use, intuitive Windows® tools
  • Implement your Simulink models on dSPACE real-time hardware within seconds
  • Observe the effects of parameter changes on your system’s behavior